Seemo Smart Video DoorBell

INSTANT ALERTS Get instant alerts whenever someone presses the bell or motion is detected at your door
HD VIDEO See your visitor in HD (720p)
Motion Sensor Track any motion infront of your door
2-Way-Communication 2 way audio & one way video means you can enjoy a full converstaion with your visitor
Cloud Storage view and download all recorded videos and images stored in the cloud anytime, anywhere
LIVE MONITORING Monitor your front door at any time by starting the video from the app
MULTIPLE USERS Add multiple users to your device and add multiple devices in your account
NIGHT VISION Feel safe knowing Seemo can see even in the dark
BATTERY BACKUP upto 4 hours battery backup.

01 year warranty .
For query : 01722162252

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৳ 15,000.00 ৳ 11,500.00





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